Air Conditioner Price In BD

For those of you who want to buy the best brand of air conditioner price in BD for a limited time, this event is specially organized by us. According to the Bangladesh market, the delivery process is very late, so the same customers suffer from online shopping.
So we have brought the first rays to express according to the customer’s idea, where you will have your product delivered to your home in just 3 days in Dhaka, and the product will reach you in just 7 days outside Dhaka.

At the end of winter, the weather in our country changes drastically due to hot humidity, especially for those who live in different Sadar areas outside Dhaka, including the city of Dhaka, air conditioning has become very urgent. So we always try not to buy non-branded products but branded products which are in great demand in other countries including Bangladesh. So we are taking air conditioning only at First rays.

You can also choose the air conditioner for your range at First rays. If you are looking for Electronics products with a low price or contact number, you can visit our Store Locator.

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