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●︎ Maximum speed: Approx. 16km/h
●︎ Maximum torque: Whole scooter, 35Nm*2
●︎ Motor power: 350W x 2
●︎ Maximum instantaneous power: 2100W
●︎ Motor control method: Sinusoidal motor vector control, current + closed-loop speed control algorithm
●︎ Battery structure: 30 X 18,650 high-capacity lithium battery
●︎ Typical battery range: Approx. 22km
●︎ Nominal input voltage: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
●︎ Nominal output voltage: Approx. 63VDC
●︎ Charge time: Approx. 4 hours
●︎ Standard power consumption: Power consumption per hundred kilometers is 1.1kWh
●︎ Braking distance: 3.4m on dry surfaces
●︎ Braking method: Somatosensory, regenerative braking system

●︎ Damping mechanism: High shock absorption magnesium alloy frame + shock absorbing pads


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